On this page you will find our main areas of expertise in the field of small animal imaging, an example of collaboration, and resources that are particularly dedicated to the study of this disciplinary field.


Our areas of expertise

Gene therapy

Observation d'un ganglion au macrofluo

Observation of a ganglion by MacroFluo

Evaluation of vectors for gene transfer

    • Monitoring of reporter gene expression over time
    • Monitoring of the regulation of gene expression


Characterization of tumor models and study of biodistribution and pharmacokinetics in vivo

    • Monitoring of tumor growth over time
    • Kinetics and biodistribution of compounds of interest (new drugs, proteins, nanoparticles, etc.)
    • Evaluation of the antitumor activity of drugs: longitudinal monitoring and comparison of tumor development of a treated group and an untreated control group
    • Tests and development of labels (biodistribution)

Functional studies of microcirculation and the tumor microenvironment

    • Analysis of blood and lymphatic circulation
    • Monitoring of angiogenesis and blood vessel permeability

Functional and dynamic studies of immune cells

    • Studies of the behavior of cells: Migration, recruitment (tumors, ganglia, skin, etc.)
    • Use of fluorescent transgenic models, ex vivo and in vivo cell labeling



An example of collaboration: : Vectalys

vectalysThe Vectalys company, which specializes in the development of viral vectors, was looking for resources to directly analyze the action of viruses within organisms..

After contacting the platforms of the TRI-Genotoul network, Vectalys engineers were steered to the specialized platform and its adapted resources, and subsequently trained to work independently (an essential condition for the preservation of an industrial confidentiality). This collaboration, which began in 2008, is still in action today.



Our specially dedicated resources for small animals



MacroFluo (non-invasive)
Wide-field microscopy for a large range of magnification without phototoxicity


Wide-field (intravital)
For the dynamic observation of
circulating cells

microscope confocal multi-photon

Confocal Multi-photon confocal (intravital)
Multi-photon confocal microscope dedicated to high-resolution 3D-4D observation

Volatile anesthesia system

Volatile anesthesia system
Assigned to each device with temperature-controlled chamber or covering
(Not separately reservable)

Ventilated closet

Ventilated closet
Temporary housing of animals – conditions on request
(Not separately reservable)


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