Salle de traitement et modélisation imagerie-biologique

Getting the most out of biological images

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Telephone : +33 5 82 99 10 06

The consolidated processing and modeling platform for biological imaging is intended to allow users to get the most out of their images, no matter where or how they were obtained. Depending on the needs, the dedicated staff guides users through the different steps to process and analyze data from biological images, including designing specific scripts that process large volumes of data or other specific requests. The offer therefore extends from the reconstruction of raw data to their final utilization. The platform ultimately relies on a set of powerful analysis stations equipped with client software fully dedicated to this function.


clip traitement

The original image followed by its treated version using a dedicated algorithm, developed by the research team at the platform. Note the disappearance of the “stripes”.

  • 3D reconstruction and visualization of living or fixed samples that is both in depth and time-resolved (films).
  • Processing for data from biological images: full user accompaniment in selecting and applying the most suitable mathematical processing to their biological data
  • Statistical analysis and utilization of results: advice, software resources and statistical tools to analyze, utilize and format the results.
  • Development on request for routines dedicated to specific image treatments
  • Training and/or accompaniment in using image analysis software.


Access mode:

  • By assistance
  • Collaborative project
  • Service delivery


Available software:

  • 3D processing and visualization software: 2 licenses for IMARIS version 7.7.2 (Bitplane – Modules: MeasurementPro, ImarisTrack, FilamentTracer, ImarisCell, ImarisXT), 2 licences Amira version 6, 1 licence Arivis-Vision 4D
  • HCS (High Content Screening) software: Cellomics
  • Image analysis software: Icy, FIJI
  • Image visualization software: Metamorph, Zen
  • Customizable development and analysis software: MATLAB

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Technical characteristics
Analysis Station #1HP Z800 Workstation, 64Go RAMRestore – Oncopole
Analysis Station #2Dell Precision T7600, 192Go RAMRestore – Oncopole
Analysis Station #3Dell Precision T7600, 192Go RAMRestore – Oncopole
Analysis Station #4Dell Precision T7910, 256Go RAMRestore – Oncopole
Analysis Station #5Dell Precision T7910, 256Go RAMRestore – Oncopole


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