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guillemets The T.R.I. Genotoul (Toulouse Réseau Imagerie) imaging network combines skills and core facilities to assist you in developing your scientific project in the life sciences field.
Using electronic and photonic imaging techniques together with cytometry and cell sorting, our services range from the occasional service to the most comprehensive support. guillemets

Philippe Cochard

NFX-50-900 ISO 9001The IBiSA-approved T.R.I. imaging network comprises 8 technical core facilities, over 30 work stations, and 40 engineers and technicians, all at your service. The network is certified ISO 9001:2008 since January 2010, and is also certified according to the new NF X50-900 standard since February 2014.

The network joins together scientific and technical competences with cutting-edge equipments, required for all scientific projects in the life sciences through the following techniques:

Light microscopy

Electron microscopy


Electron microscopy

Cytometry /cell sorting


cytométers and cell sorting

“Each core facility, in addition to basic equipment and know how, develops unique specificities that are complementarity to the other ones. Some of these core facilities offer technologies that are unique in France or in Europe.”



Du personnel impliqué sur les plateformes de TRI-Genotoul

Some of the staff involved in the TRI-Genotoul platforms…

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