High-resolution observation and analysis of samples

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Scanning electron microscopes are used to view the surface of various samples and to observe details on a nanometer scale. Moreover, control of the pressure in the microscope chamber and the cryo-preparation module offers the ability to observe dry, hydrated or frozen samples. Among the many possibilities offered by this resource, cryo-fracture can be used to observe the interior of samples and X analysis can determine and quantify the atomic species present on its surface.


Pollen de fleur MEB - BTS Anabiotech d'Auzeville

Phytoplancton – CMEAB

Services :

  • Traditional observation in high vacuum mode
  • Observation of hydrated samples in environmental mode
  • Observation of non-conductive samples in variable pressure mode
  • Cryomicroscopy (cryofixation in slush nitrogen, sublimation, cryofracture)
  • Sample preparation: CO2 critical point, metallization (Pt, AuPd, Cr)
  • Immuno-labeling (immunogold)
  • X analysis for analyzing the chemical composition

Access mode:

  • With assistance
  • As service delivery


SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPYCliquez ici pour prendre contact afin de réserver une ressource


S.E.M. ESEM Quanta 250 FEGCMEAB – Rangueil medecine faculty

Some publications arising from the use of these tools:

  • Deciphering the elusive nature of sharp bone trauma using epifluorescence macroscopy: a comparison study multiplexing classical imaging approaches. Capuani C, Rouquette J, Payré B, Moscovici J, Delisle MB, Norbert Telmon, Guilbeau-Frugier C. International Journal of Legal Medicine, 2013, 127, 169-176.
  • Scanning electron microscopy of Haemonchus contortus exposed to tannin-rich plants under in vivo and in vitro conditions. Martínez-Ortíz-de-Montellano C1, Arroyo-López C, Fourquaux I, Torres-Acosta JF, Sandoval-Castro CA, Hoste H. Exp Parasitol, 2013, 133(3), 281-6.

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