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Amphi Le Douarin, CBI, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France Map
To mark TRI-Genotoul’s membership of the France Bioimaging (FBI) network, the network’s annual meeting will be held on the 13rd and 14th December at the Centre for Integrative Biology at Toulouse 3 – Paul Sabatier University. The meeting will provide an opportunity to take stock of achievements and developments in the field of bioimaging at a national scale. This year, the focus is on the “multi-scale mechanobiology of cells and cellular systems”, a subject specially selected to be one of the areas of expertise of the Toulouse node.

Mechanobiology aims to apply biophysical approaches to measure and perturb forces in complex physiological systems, and to develop in vitro systems including different types of organoids, enabling the controlled manipulation of cells and tissues and the measurement of mechanical forces to study cell mechanics and morphogenesis.

This “mechanobiology” theme is including

  1. how cells generate and transmit forces,
  2. the impact of forces on cell/tissue dynamics,
  3. the impact of extrinsic forces on cells and tissues, and
  4. the development of new tools for manipulating and measuring forces in cells and tissues in a controlled, non-invasive way.

We invite the France-BioImaging Community to present their mechanobiology-related projects during the second day of the Annual Meeting around a dedicated session with selected talks. We strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for a talk or a poster presentation during your registration!

The winner of the best talk and the best poster presentation will win their registration fees for one 2024 microscopy related event of their choice!

Core facilities will also have an opportunity to present a poster.



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