A new website to book your equipments

Capture d'écran site réservation
For security and ergonomic reasons, a new site for booking equipment and expertise for all the TRI-Genotoul affiliated platforms is now available. Please remember to register: it will be mandatory as of 1/10/2022.

warningDue to the RGPD and the technical conflicts of the older solution, we can’t migrate user accounts from the previous solution. You will therefore have to recreate an account in order to proceed with equipment booking. The follow-up of the invoicing will be carried out manually by our services. We apologize for the inconvenience.


site réservation TRIsite réservation TRI


Cliquer pour s'identifierPlease note the new URL of the booking site :
It will also available since the 1st of october from the TRI-Genotoul website icon:

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