Analyzing the labeled molecules present in a solution and characterizing their properties

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The spectroscopic facility (spectrophotometer, spectrofluorimeter, lifetime and anisotropy, all of which use cuvettes) offers all of the instrumentation and expertise to perform any experiments on fluorescent probes, in addition to determining the photo-physical parameters of the latter. The numerous possible applications all have as a common denominator the identification and quantification of fluorescently labeled compounds. These stationary and time-resolved spectroscopic techniques thus make it possible to determine which photo-physical reactions take place in the microenvironment of the probe being studied. In biology, the main uses relate to measuring lipid phase states, and ligand/protein complex titrations with dissociation constant (Kd) or spatial proximity measurements (using FRET).


Exemples de décroissance de fluorescence au cours du temps

Examples of fluorescence decay over time


  • Monitoring of reaction kinetics
  • Changes in spatial conformations
  • Measuring concentrations and lifetimes
  • Determining states and kinetics of association/dissociation of ligands/receptors
  • Anisotropy measurements
  • Precise micromolar detection and quantification

Access mode:

  • With assistance
  • In autonomy (after training)
  • As  service delivery

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