For the analysis and characterization of cell populations

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Flow cytometry is the ultimate high throughput analysis technique. It allows rapid cell-by-cell analysis based on the criteria of size, cellular contents (granularity) and fluorescence. Depending on the equipment used, the analysis can be conducted by measuring up to 17 simultaneous parameters on cells in suspension. In addition, multiplexing techniques save time while standardizing and making the dosage and/or analysis uniform.



  • Thymic development

    Thymic development


    Membrane and intracellular multi-labeling (17 colors)

  • Cell functions (apoptosis, proliferation, cell cycle, calcium flux, ploidy, membrane potential, etc.)
  • Analysis and characterization of stem cells
  • Molecular analysis in multiplex & fluorescent cell bar coding
  • Analysis and quantification of molecular interactions (FRET)
  • Analysis of transfection rate
  • Characterization of animal and plant cells, bacteria, yeast, nanoparticles, organelles, etc.
  • Image acquisition of each analyzed cell
  • PC and Mac provided for analysis

Access mode:

  • With assistance
  • In autonomy (after training)
  • As service delivery

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Cytometer designation

Number and type of lasers
Simultaneous parameters
Other characteristics


LSRII3 visibles & 1 UV13Infinity – CHU Purpan
BD FACSymphony4 visibles & 1 UV30Infinity – CHU Purpan
Fortessa4 visibles16Plate-based automated analysisInfinity – CHU Purpan
MACSQuantQ103 visibles8Plate & tube-based automated analysisInfinity – CHU Purpan
ImageStreamX MarkII3 visibles6Cytometer with imagesInfinity – CHU Purpan
BD Fortessa4 visibles13I2MC – CHU Rangueil
BD FACSVerse1 visible4All kind of tubesI2MC – CHU Rangueil
LSR fortessa X204 visibles & 1UV18Plate-based automated analysisIPBS – Rangueil
C6 accuri2 visibles4IPBS – Rangueil
Northern Lights (cytek)3 visibles30Spectral cytometerIPBS – Rangueil
LSR Fortessa X-205 visibles18Plate-based automated analysisRESTORE – Oncopole
Miltenyi MACSQUANT Q103 visibles17Plate & tube-based automated analysisRESTORE – Oncopole
ImageStreamX MarkII3 visibles6Cytometer with imagesRESTORE – Oncopole

*evt/s: events per second = (cells + impurities) sorted per second

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